Nornie Bero is the founder and CEO of Mabu Mabu. Originally from the Komet Tribe of the Meriam people in the Torres Strait, she has been a professional chef for over 25 years.
Nornie established Mabu Mabu in 2018 with a dream to make native ingredients the hero of the Australian kitchen. She started by selling a range of homemade condiments and spices at South Melbourne Markets and since then, our company is now home to over 80 employees across three departments; retail, catering and dining.


Mabu Mabu is a saying in the Torres Strait that means ‘help yourself.’ It’s what you say to kick off a feast with your friends and family.
Our food culture is all about sharing, and this experience is fundamental to our business. Whether you are joining us for a meal, an event, or ordering some Kara Meta staples at home, we want you to feel part of our village.  
We're a proud 100% indigenous owned, women-led and LGBTQIA+ business. We are working towards a sustainable and socially driven supply chain. Where possible, we source from First Nations, queer-led, women-led, and environmentally conscious producers who align with our ethos.


Mabu Mabu is on a mission to put Indigenous ingredients in kitchens across Australia. We want people to be using, eating and celebrating native ingredients every day. We only use 100% Australian products from our kitchens to our bar, and work with local suppliers as often as possible.
Be a part of our village and explore all the ways you can incorporate native ingredients into your everyday cooking.